Why am I here?

“Why are you here?” was a question posed to the 2016 SoDak Core Members and when it was first asked I wasn’t sure how to answer.

I can tell you why I want to teach. I can tell you why I think education is important. I can tell you why I want to have classroom experience before going back to get a masters and work in the policy field. I can tell you why I chose to apply for and accept a position with TFA. I can tell you why I love the state of South Dakota. HoBadlandViewswever, I couldn’t adequately answer why I am here.

So naturally, this question has just been stuck in my mind for past four days and has really been driving me crazy. So, bear with me as I try to formulate answer.

One of my new neighbors will actually be in my class this year and while we’ve now had quite a few conversations together the one that has stuck out to me the most if one we had two nights ago. We were chatting about dogs and summer and out of nowhere she looks at me and says, “you know, I’ve got goals. I want to join the military someday.” The reason this statement has stuck with me so much is because I know these students have goals. I know they have big dreams, even if they haven’t quite realized them yet. I know that when I was in the 6th grade I was already thinking about college and what would come next for me after college.

I believe it’s never too early to start thinking about career goals and I want to be here for my 6th grade students to help them realize their goals if they haven’t already as well as help them get on the path they need to achieve those dreams.

It sounds lofty and cliche, but I want Ms. Dorrell’s sixth grade class to be a class full of dreamers. A class who recognizes their own individual potentials. A class who is dedicated to making their dreams come true.

I’m not here to be a savior for these kids. I’m not here to be best the teacher these kids have ever had. I’m not here to make myself feel good.

These students matter. Plain and simple. These students have dreams and as a teacher it is my job to help them be able to reach for and achieve those dreams.


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