Becky and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Well, I taught for a whole week! And surprisingly it went very well ūüôā

I only had between four and six students every day which was nice, but I know it won’t be the same in the fall. We’re really just covering basic literature terms like plot, setting, characters, and the like. So, it’s been fun applying these concepts to¬†Holes.¬†My students informed me that they haven’t read a novel in class (they’re entering 7th grade) so I’m excited to read one of my favorites with them.

So, far it seems like they’re enjoying the story. Most of them have seen the movie, so there won’t be any major plot twists for them. BUT, it’s still wonderful to hear them read aloud from a real novel rather than just short stories.

I spent the weekend watching¬†Finding Dory¬†and swimming at the pool near campus. The heat was intense (apparently the hottest it’s been in like twenty years), but it is a¬†dry heat¬†so it wasn’t much compared to the hot, humid summers of NC

So, maybe you’re wondering why the title of this post is what it is…

Well, let me tell you about today. Oh, Mondays.

I didn’t sleep well and then when my alarm when off at 4:51AM¬†I woke up with a stuffy nose and a sinus headache. I didn’t want to go to school, but I knew it wasn’t really an option. I went and ate breakfast, I loaded the bus, and then I arrived at Skyline around 6:45AM.

When I got to school I was reminded of the student survey we’d be required to give in class today – cutting our (already short) instructional time. Not only did we need to take time to let students complete the survey, but we had to read EVERY question and EVERY multiple choice answer aloud to students. It took awhile to say the least….

I was NOT feeling well and I was NOT in a good mood.

BUT, then my students reminded me why I’m here. I only had two students today – probably because of the excessive heat and the fact that many of them have to walk a mile to get to their bus stop – but these two students showed me why as a teacher even coming to school on one of your “bad days” can turn into a positive situation.

My two seventh grade boys and I worked on comparing and contrasting characters. First, by comparing and contrasting them and then applying it to Holes. There were laughs shared and we had a good time while also learning the concept.

It was really in PE class the next period that I had my A-Ha moment. You see, every Monday I have “PE assistantship.” I was watching my two students play basketball with the other seventh graders and they were smiling and excited. And I was reminded why even on my “bad days” I need to come to school…

My students, even these ones I’ve just met a week ago, count on me. They’re counting on me to be here every day. So, I’m going to take short trip to Target and buy some sinus relief medication and hopefully feel better in the morning. And hopefully this will be the last of my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days.

While, I’m sure that there will actually be more in reality – especially come August – I now have a new outlook on my bad days and how unimportant they are to my student’s learning


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