Travel to Phoenix and the Summer Ahead

Hey y’all! I know it’s been awhile (again) but they really have kept us busy since I got to South Dakota on May 29th. I got to Phoenix, AZ on Sunday after spending a week in SD.

We left SoDak on Friday to begin our journey to Arizona and we were fortunate enough to make some amazing stops along the way. We stopped in Denver, CO Friday Night where we ate at a local restaurant called Linger that actually used to be a mortuary.

After spending the night in a IMG_0299very…sketchy…hotel we got back on the road and made a pit stop at Garden of the Gods. This place was truly incredible with beautiful views, pictures really don’t do it justice but I included some in here anyways to give y’all a small glimpse into what I saw.

After this stop, we got back into the car and drove all the way to Albuquerque, New Mexico to stay the night. We had dinner at a restaurant called El Patio and it truly was the best margarita and the best (New) Mexican food that I had ever eaten. Sunday morning, we woke up to finish the last leg of our drive to make it to Phoenix, but of course we had to make one more stop: The Petrified Forest (this is also where the Painted Desert is located). Once again, I was completely awestruck and blown away by the beauty of our nation and just astounded at how far I could see without a tall building coming into view.

Moving back to TFA related things, I found out that in the fall I’ll be teaching at Loneman School in Oglala, SD in the Pine Ridge Reservation. For the summer, I’ll be teaching 7th grade literature at Skyline which is located within a reservation in Arizona. I’m excited to be reading Holes by Louis Sachar with my class! I wrote my first lesson plan today (woohoo!) and I’m excited to use this piece of literature to teach my students important ELA themes.

If you have any tips/tricks/suggestions to teaching middle school or Holes please e-mail me or contact me on Facebook! I’ll take all the help I can get 🙂

Till next time!


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