Little Bit of Catch Up

So, I know it’s been awhile but unfortunately I haven’t had wifi for a few days…I’m going to try my best to catch y’all up without writing a crazy long novel

We spent the first day of induction at CAIRNS where we spent the day learning about Native American culture, the Lakota language, and some history of the surrounding area. This day really was a whirlwind, but I learned so much and I look forward to learning more as I continue my time here in South Dakota. IMG_0267.JPG

On Tuesday, we traveled out to the Health Administrative Building and learned some about the TFA mission. Later, my group traveled to the Boys and Girls club in Mission, SD. This was truly an amazing place (undergoing a lot of renovations) where kids can go after school and get a healthy meal and academic help is needed.

What has really preventeIMG_0292 (1).JPGd me from updating this blog was Tuesday night a girl named Allison and I traveled to Oglala, SD for an interview at a school. We spent all day Wednesday exploring the surrounding areas, including The Badlands, and connecting with community members. It w
as so nice to actually meet members of the community and kids in the area. There really is something special about the way kids love in these communities and I get more and more excited every day that I get to be a part of it.

Tomorrow afternoon we start our journey to Phoenix, AZ where I will have the chance to get some classroom experience working summer school. Check back for more 🙂



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