Day 1 of Driving Top 10

It didn’t take very long for my NC license plate to become the minority on the road, but it did take quite awhile for me to reach my hotel and finally relax for the night. I figured I’d share with you my top lessons for today:

  1. I have an unexplainable need to say “cow” or “horse” whenever I drive by one – even with no one in the car with me
  2. Driving alone for 8 hours is no fun, but on the plus side there’s no one there to make fun of my bad dancing and singing skills
  3. Virginia has by the far the worst drivers I’ve ever encountered (seriously, worse than NC drivers)
  4. Cracker Barrel makes a great lunch stop even when you’re alone (go just for the apple butter)
  5. Pennsylvania’s roads make zero sense (if it’s a toll road, it should be nice…right?)
  6. VA drivers like to go under the speed limit, PA drivers like to go way, way, wayyyy over it
  7. There are random, beautiful mansions in the middle of nowhere USA
  8. Gas is not in fact cheaper when you leave NC (sad face)
  9. When in doubt, call dad with car troubles
  10. Chick Fil A makes the best comfort food dinner after a long day of driving

Tomorrow I’ll start the longer part of my trip to SoDak with April, check back for updates!c81ce35a-81b1-4391-98aa-391210704aad


4 thoughts on “Day 1 of Driving Top 10

  1. Ashley says:

    Be careful! Any songs that have gotten super overplayed on the radio yet? Or are you mainly listening to CDs/Ipod?

    Also what kind of car trouble did you have? Nothing too serious I’m guessing since you made it in ok! Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • dorrellr says:

      I’ve been listening to spotify, so I haven’t had much repetition of anything yet!

      In regards to my car, during my drive the “tire maintenance” light came on, but it turns out that this is set to come on every 6,000 miles and there wasn’t anything actually wrong with my car


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